PINK CHIXXX by Shazz -     "PINK  is the New Chartreuse GREEN"

"OK! So NATRA~LAXA kHem pHree is the truth :) I went out and thought my natural hair will get puffy and out of control partying hard but ..... I came home the way I went nice and bouncy I ♥ it and so does my daughter - Jade - thank you Shazz* .  Why are black people not doing this instead of a perm ?

~Nerisha Rivero~

" was wonderful to see you again. My hair thanks you. As always with you, its about hair care and getting your hair to the healthiest that it can be using less chemicals and organic treatments. What a refreshing change!" 

~Chantelle Streetes~


"I enjoyed my experiences at PINK CHIXXX by Shazz. I first went there to get my hair done. The service was friendly and professional. Shazz did my hair and I was so pleased with the results. I am still pleased. I went back a week later to get a most wonderful pedicure. My daughter also got her hair braided there and it was beautifully done. I most definitely will be making Shazz my hairdresser. Great, prompt, professional, and friendly service."
                                                                                             ~Michelle Marcellin~

"Shazz takes pride in her work to please her customers. I am very please with her. She use all organic hair treatments that are natural ingredients for a healthy hair. I love it. She is doing an excellent job with her customers! :-) " 

~Lisa Johnson~

Shazz's Natura-laxa. There is no irritation or breakage and my hair feels silky smooth."

~Taiice Davis~

"Everyone! I would highly recommend using Shazz's hair products - NATRA~LAXA. Let me tell you exactly what I did to use this product. I live in Japan and it is very difficult to find someone to take care of people of color hair in Japan. Therefore, I had been searching to find someone to do my hair and locate the right product to keep my hair natural. I had been getting braids for about 2 years because I been living of overseas. Then I saw Shazz's video on Facebook an began to search into her business and asked questions.... Let me tell you she was the most concern person I know about my hair and what I was feeling. I felt like I met someone who really cared about my hair and me as a person. Therefore, I let her know I would be going to the states for about a week and did she have anyone in the area that can use her product on my hair. She recommend Brenda Gee's Salon. I flew all the way from Japan to Atlanta to get my hair done using Shazz's NATRA~LAXA kHem pHree. Well, I must say I am very pleased with the turn out and the product is absolutely the best. My hair was gorgeous and beautiful. I could not get over how straight, soft and shiny my hair was. Brenda Gee Salon is the best.... I felt at home. They all care about the hair and the person. This is a product that every person should use on their hair. This is a must try. Shazz thank you for caring about me as a person. I flew 19 hours to get to a beauty shop and use your product and it was well worth my trip. My God Bless you abundantly. "

~Veronica B~

"I am always thrilled when I have an appointment with Shazz. I know that I am getting the best hair care, expert advice and super friendly treatment. I come out of her chair smiling, happy, and SHARP. Love you Shazz....I'd travel 3 hours to get my hair cut by you! You are professional, and so so so creative! Thank you." 

                                                                                ~Erica Taylor~


"Thank You Shazz... I love my Haircut and the Keratin treatment you gave me.  A lot of people are giving me complements everywhere I go to eat and work... and places I go someone says something nice :) " 

~Bianca Belmana~

"Shazz is the real thing. She took care of my hair yesterday. I wear my hair straight and with a chemical perm. I saw Shazz's website and saw that she has perfected a relaxer with no chemicals. She looked at my hair and said "you don't need a relaxer yet!" How many stylists would say that. She conditioned my hair. My hair looks and feels beautiful. Shazz knows her stuff. I feel comfortable knowing that I finally found a stylist interested in the growth and overall care of my hair...instead of how much money she can get out of me. I will be going back to her. I highly recommend Shazz to everyone. She treats you as an individual. I felt comfortable with her right away. Call her up for all your hair needs!!!!!! Love."

~Angie E~

Sandra"Relaxers have always been a nightmare for me and with Shazz I have finally found the "no-burn" solution. There is far less damage with her products, so my hair looks healthy. She was also the only person EVER to successfully do a relaxer and permanent hair color in one sitting. She is the only person who ever understood my hair color!! She is smart, innovative and an authentic talent. This is the real deal. You will not be disappointed!!"

~Sandra Canning~


"Special thank you to you Shazz, it's been more than 3 years that I've had the opportunity to go back natural using your fabulous NATRA~LAXA and I thank you for helping me. I strongly encourage stylist to learn about this it's an excellent choice for clients seeking organic alternative for their hair. "

~Bernadette Edwards Pollack~

"I went to Shazz for a consultaion, she explained everything about Black hair care and how the use of chemicals destroys our beautiful natural hair. My consultation turned into her applying the NATRA~LAXA kHem pHree ..the only regret I have is that I did not find Shazz sooner, I have no burns, there is no caustic smell, my hair feels silky, it's shiny, healthy and looks fabulous, and most of all it's all NATURAL. . Thanks Shazz....see you soon."
~Grace F~


"Shout out to my incredible stylist SHAZZ owner of PinkChixx! Woke up, shook my hair out, and this is how it fell with no styling! Shazz u be killn'em!!!"

~Khya Cummings~

BernadetteWhen I heard of Natra-Laxa kHem-pHree by Shazz, I was very impressed by the concept and I was eager to try it. It’s been 1 years and eight months later with continued use and I know I could never go back to using ordinary relaxers. I’m very happy I did it and was overjoyed with the results. Not only did it give me the straight look of the relaxer but I could get my curly look back as well, when ever I needed it... Natra-Laxa did what any relaxer would do but with absolutely no side effects, no chemicals, no burning and my hair feels and looks great! What I also noticed was that, unlike a traditional relaxer where you can feel a distinct difference in your hair texture when the new-growth needs a retouch, (the hair is usually dry), but with Natra-Laxa kHem-pHree (TM) my new-growth texture is smoother and softer. This allows be to be able to go months rather than weeks in between services.

~Bernadette Edwards~

"Shazz, thank you for the introduction of your Natra-Laxa brand of products. I love the texture of my hair. It is soft, silky, smooth and had no hairspray nor oily products added to the finished style. Thank you also for the salve, there is no dryness to my scalp so far. That's a first in ages... Thank you once again Shazz and all the best to you with your new line of products. Go out and rock the world..."

~Isa Robinson (high school classmate~

39498 466073015464 632205464 6555818 2200815 n"Shazz @ PINK CHIXXX by Shazz is NO JOKE! My hair hasn't been so healthy and look so good in years! She has her own ORGANIC products that has taken my natural hair to another level! I can't wait to get out of this chair and dirve with my sunroof open. Lol Come check her out! She's in my friend list. :0) (I like my color too, Shazzy)" 

 ~Aliethia Evans~

DSCN2156I was very frustrated with the poor condition of my hair after chemically processing it twice when I migrated to the U.S.  Then I resorted to O.P.H (Other People's Hair) braids, wigs and weaves as my styling options.... One Day I peeped into a salon and whispered under my breath " Yuh see dis here place must be expensive the way it look pretty, yuh might have to pay for dey smile".  As I walked away, one of the stylist invited me in and gave me a FREE consultation and hair analysis and informed me that I could wear my hair straight, fight frizz and block humidity with an ECO-Organic product -kHem-pHree by NATRA-LAXA-  I had it done a few days later and I am totally satisfied... I can now walk in style and confidence with bouncing and flowing hair. No more pain!!! all I do is Wrap it up at night and Wake n' Shake in the mornings."  When I shampoo and condition, blow drying and flat ironing takes no time.... And guess waht? it was not expensive at all.  The quality of the products used on my hair are superior.... I also took advantage to experience a "Moment with Stephanie. B" the Nail Care-ologist and had an Organic Mani/Pedi Care Service.... Aww, Steph is the bomb!  I had a mini facial done which included, Cleansing, Exfoliating, Replenishing and Moisturizing and I saw the results immediately... I was surprised to know that it was MK cosmetics.  The Micro-Dermabrasion revealed my tru complexiaon and made me glow... So, of course I purchased MK Product along with my NATRA-LAXA home maintenance supplies.... Special Thanks to Lyidia, who invited me in and to Shazz who demonstrated her professionalism to her staff and clients.


Pascale 2
"Thank you Shazz...I loooove my hair! You surpassed my expectations by a long shot! I truly appreciate your professionalism and phenomenal customer service. My hair is alive not dead & soul-less like a braided sew-in weave. My hair moves and flows!

~Pascale Rowe, Fl~

Mich Curly
"Shazz is a great stylist! She is very knowledgeable. She not only styles, but she really treats the hair with good products. I feel the difference in my hair. And she is very personable."

~ Michelle James~

Hi Shazz,

Great news to share- I had my hair done at Nicole Sanahyie's salon (Cheers To Hair, San Fernado, Trinidad W.I)  last Saturday and I am just loving the look and feel of my hair! Even my mother was very impressed and is considering having the same done on her hair...

Just wanted to say thanks again for your assistance and I am definitely looking forward to a long lasting relationship with your "green" products.

Let me also wish you and your family a blessed and happy Christmas and a joyous New Year!

Kind Regards,

~Annessa Sorrillo~

"I have been a client of Shazz's since 1989! Yes 22 years! I absolutely love Shazz service, she is a professional and can create any style that suits your style, taste, and needs. I have followed Shazz all over South Florida and I'm not alone! I reside in Miami and I drive all the way to Margate because her expertise is worth the drive for me! My hair is important to me and I prefer to have the best stylist! Shazz is the best!"
~LaShon Black~

"I finally found a product that does not cause my hair to shed while wearing the straight look! It's been a month and I'm still quite pleased with it! I love my Natra-Laxa! Thanks Shazz! You're the best!"