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An Eco-Organic Alternative to Chemical Relaxers

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NATRA~LAXER the GREENest Choice to Safely and Organically alter the pH level of your hair without changing the chemical structure. Wear your hair straight without the use of harsh or toxic chemicals

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Rhonda kHem pHree
NATRA-LAXA TM is the GREENest Choice. The brand consists of 4 unique technology breakthrough systems:
kHem pHree- an Eco-Organic Texture Transition System.
Texture DepHiner- an Eco-OrganicTexture Enhancement System.
pHrizz pHree - a Botanical Keratin Frizz Reducing System.
kHera Laxa- an Enzyme Relaxer that is 98% chemical free.

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Natra-Laxa kHem pHree Certification 9-11-11
Organically Adjust the Hair's pH Level Without Changing the Structure


Lye is used in cosmetic products, including hair relaxers. It has a "Chemical" pH of about 12, similar to that of household ammonia or soap.  The Environmental Working Group, a nonprofit environmental organization states that chemical relaxers are among the most caustic cosmetic products on the market and are the source of more complaints along with hair dyes to the Food and Drug Administration's Office of Cosmetics and Colors than almost any other product.

NATRA~LAXATM was designed, formulated and manufactured exclusively for SHAZZ ULTRA NATRA, LLC.  It is compatible to all hair textures. NATRA~LAXATMkHem pHree and pHrizz pHree is a Hydra Treament that can be applied over color treated hair, Sodium, Calcium, Lithium or Guanadine Hydroxide based relaxers as well as Keratin Treatments and it's gentle enough to use on children, pregnant and nursing mothers.

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"We Have Taken  PAIN Out Of BEAUTY!"

  • No More Harsh Chemical
  • No More Burns
  • No More Irritation
  • No More Breakage
  • No More Over Processing
  • No More Hair Loss
  • No More Frizzing

NATRA~LAXATM kHem pHreewas created to gently penetrate the hair shaft and permanently adjusts the pH level.  The bonds in the hair shaft  are softened (not broken or rearranged) and the curl pattern is elongated making the hair more flexuous, pliable and manageable. When the hair is fully adjusted it will fight frizz and block humidity so you are able to enjoy your straight and sleek looks without the fear of the "Cinderella Reversion".

Curly, frizzy and kinky hair is very delicate and difficult to manage, making it more susceptible to damage such as: Dryness, hair loss, breakage, loss of elasticity, scalp burns and irritation.
 NATRA-LAXATM is a TECHNOLOGY BREAKTHORUGH!  It is designed to soften the hair and add body without the use of harsh chemicals.
The basic damaging ingredient in most relaxers is (Lye) either Sodium Hydroxide, Calcium Hydroxide or Lithium Hydroxide.  Some more reputable companies use a more sophisticated active ingredient, Guanidine Hydroxide.  There are also other products that contain Ammonium Thioglycolate.
NATRA-LAXATMdoes not contain any harsh chemicals.  The active ingredient is Alkaline Water, Dead Sea Salt Mineral and Volcanic Soda Ash from the Ol Doinyo Lenga  -
"The Mountain of God" -  in Tanzania.

The Alkaline Water inNATRA-LAXATM kHem pHreeand pHrizz pHree, penetrates the hair shaft without destroying the cuticle layer.This permanently adjusts the pH level and softens the bonds.  The natural curl pattern is loosened and elongated making the texture softer and more manageable.
The hair will be in a much healthier state and able to withstand heat appliances. You will have the versatility of wearing your hair straight or curly.

  • SAFELY alters the hair texture
  • SOFTENS the bonds
  • ELONGATES the curl pattern
  • ADJUSTS the Ph balance of the hair
  • Will NOT burn scalp
  • Will NOT over-process hair
  • ENRICHHED with Vitamin A, D, E, Minerals, Amino Acids,Fruit and Vegetable Oils
  • Leaves hair with TEXTURE and ELASTICITY
  • Makes hair SILKY and MANAGEABLE
  • Adds BODY and SHEEN
  • FIGHTS Frizz
  • BLOCKS Humidity
  • Can be used over Semi and Permanent Color
  • Can be used over and in place of traditional relaxers
  • Blocks Humidity
  • Adds Body
  • Improves texture and Elasticity
  • Enriched with Vitamins A,D and E, Minerals, Amino Acids Fruit and Vegetable oils
  • Balances the pH level of the hair
  • Can be Used Over Permanent Color
  • Can Be Used Over Chemical Relaxers

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"OK! So NATRA~LAXA kHem pHree is the truth :) I went out and thought my natural hair will get puffy and out of control partying hard but ..... I came home the way I went nice and bouncy I ♥ it and so does my daughter - Jade - thank you Shazz* .  Why are black people not doing this instead of a perm ?

~Nerisha Rivero~

"Shazz @ PINK CHIXXX by Shazz is NO JOKE! My hair hasn't been so healthy and look so good in years! She has her own ORGANIC products that has taken my natural hair to another level! I can't wait to get out of this chair and dirve with my sunroof open. Lol Come check her out! She's in my friend list. :0) (I like my color too, Shazzy)"

~Aliethia Evans~

"I finally found a product that does not cause my hair to shed while wearing the straight look! It's been a month and I'm still quite pleased with it! I love my Natra-Laxa! Thanks Shazz! You're the best!"


When I heard of Natra-Laxa kHem-pHree by Shazz, I was very impressed by the concept and I was eager to try it. It’s been 2 years and eight months later with continued use and I know I could never go back to using ordinary relaxers. I’m very happy I did it and was overjoyed with the results. Not only did it give me the straight look of the relaxer but I could get my curly look back as well, when ever I needed it... Natra-Laxa did what any relaxer would do but with absolutely no side effects, no chemicals, no burning and my hair feels and looks great! What I also noticed was that, unlike a traditional relaxer where you can feel a distinct difference in your hair texture when the new-growth needs a retouch, (the hair is usually dry), but with Natra-Laxa kHem-pHree (TM) my new-growth texture is smoother and softer. This allows be to be able to go months rather than weeks in between services.

~Bernadette Edwards~

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