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HERE COMES THE BRIDE...But where is her dress?

We may not design a bridal trousseau, but we can Whip-Some-Hair and Beat-a-Face.

Make your special day "Stress Free" by relaxing with the confidence that
PINK CHIXX by Shazz will create the classic picture perfect image that you will enjoy looking at for decades to come. Please scroll down to view Bridal Price List.

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PINK CHIXXX by SHazz Bridal Services
Hair, Makeup, lashes, Mani/Pedi-care

Makeup by Shazz

Bridal Hairstyles and Makeup

Planning the details for a perfect wedding requires patience and a certain skill set.  If you are going to have a big wedding, it is more than worth it to hire an Event/Wedding Planner/Coordinator to save yourself the headache and related stress

Makeup Having your makeup and hair done by a professional makeup artist and hairstylist are the final steps in bringing your bridal look together and should be included in your budget right along with the Food, Flowers and Photographer. Don’t forget to prepare your Hair, Face and Body in the weeks and months prior to the wedding to ensure that your hair and makeup will look its best.  

6 Months to 1 Year before wedding: 
• Visit a dermatologist if you have any skin concerns such as redness, very dry skin, acne, or wrinkles that you want to address
• Determine a suitable skin and hair routine with your dermatologist,makeup artist, esthetician and hairstylist.
• Begin Exfoliating at least once weekly to reveal new, glowing skin.

4 to 5 Months before Wedding: 
• Begin researching makeup artists and hairstylists. Ensure you get references and check them out! You will want someone who is not only good at what they do, but who is very professional and reliable• Hire your makeup artist and hairstylists and set up a consultation and test date. 

2 to 3 Months before Wedding: 
• Find makeup and hairstyles looks in magazines that you like and think are suitable for you. • Attend your consultation/test with your hairstylist and makeup artist and be sure to bring your magazine clippings. You can also bring color swatches of the dresses or flowers. 

2 Weeks to One Month before Wedding: 
Make sure you are eating and exercising well which will help combat stress and fatigue. • Get yourhair cut and colored• This will also be a great time to install semi-permanent Hair-Extensions. Avoid tanning in the sun, it dries the skin out and often leads to unsightly tan lines!  

1 to 2 Weeks before Wedding:
Get an exfoliating and Skin Firming body treatment Get a spray tan if desired • Get waxing of the body if desired. Opt for threading instead of waxing for facial hair. Threading helps prevent red patches and ingrown hairs.• Get a professional facial if desired or you may Do-It-Yourself• Avoid any of the above treatments within the week before the wedding as undesirable skin reactions can happen! • Touch base with your makeup artist to make sure everything is in order.   

The Last Days Before the Wedding:
Get a manicure, pedicureand get your chemical services for your hair if desired.
Drink lots and lots of Alkaline Water to make sure your skin is hydrated. Avoid drinking too much alcohol for the same reason
• Get lots of sleep to avoid bags and darks circles (and stress)
• Apply a benzoyl peroxide treatment to any breakouts
Apply a hydrating mask if sky is dry
• Pack your wedding day purse with makeup for touch ups: Blotting Tissues, Lipstick, Lip-Gloss, Concealer and Kleenex.

The Day of the Wedding:
Ensure skin is clean and hydrated for your makeup application • Eat a light breakfast to make sure you have enough energy for the day • Sit back and enjoy your hair styling and makeup application.

11 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

Don't Pay A Lot For Your Gown:
Shop sales at discount stores. Check out boutiques that carry dresses that can be enhanced into bridal dresses.  We got my sister's dress on sale at Cache for under $100.00.  Check out the Garment Districts for super inexpensive bridal accessories (veils for as low as $40!).

11 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Cont'd

You Don't Have To Get Married When Everyone Else Does:
70% of weddings take place on a Saturday between May and October.  If you want to remain traditional then choose any day other than Saturday. Friday and Sunday nuptials have become quite common and mid-week weddings are catching up in popularity as well. You will save $1,000's. 

Use Alternative Venues:
Try to pick a ceremony and/or reception site that doesn’t require a lot of decorations. Alternative spaces such as golf courses, bed and breakfasts, gardens/arboretums and museums/art galleries, restaurants, a friend/ family member's back yard are a few  places to consider. Check your municipality for  permits, insurance policies and electrical capacities in order to evaluate if the space fits your needs and budget. A Super All Inclusive Destination Wedding can be a source of huge savings.

Slash Decoration Costs:

Center pieces don't have to be made of flowers.  You can create Tablescapes with  pillar candles of varying heights and widths. Painted Birch branches with clear string lights or crystal beads..  You can also use framed pictures of inspiring couples placed on clear containers for height. The latter also makes for an excellent conversation starter among guests.

Rent Your Own System:
To really save some cash, create your own Mp3  playlist and hook it up to the sound equipment. 

Lunch Brunch and Punch:
Breakfast costs less than lunch and lunch costs less than dinner.  Don't break the bank with a traditional dinner menu. More and more people are becoming vegetarians, so don't be afraid to offer pasta as a main course.

You Don't Have To Eat The Whole Cake:

Youcan have your cake and eat it too. A cake only needs one real “tier,” which will be the one you cut. The other tiers can be dummies. Ask your baker for an additional sheet cake to serve guests. It will have the cake and icing minus the elaborate decorations.  Cupcakes will save you even more money plus you’ll skip the cake-cutting fee.

Save Your Green By Going Green:
You can save a lot by Doing-It-Yourself.  Check out online discount stores or craft stores  for their wedding-related paper needs. You can include directions and registry information wedding Website. cut postage costs.

Your Honeymoon Should Not Put a Dent in Your Wallet

Thehoneymoon is the most expensive item after the wedding, but you can save by  driving to your favorite place for a weekend-get-away.  Honeymoon/Bridal Registries are ideal to offset costs for the Honeymoon of your dreams, you may even get some spending money too. (Get you Free Honeymoon/Bridal Registry here).

A Rose By Any Other Name Is A Sweet And Gentle Flower:
Choose in-season flowers. Source flowers with wholesalers and farmers’ markets in your city or even on the Web,
iis a good place to start

Caught On Camera: 
This is one area (along with your hair and makeup services) of your wedding budget you should not nickle and dime). After the food, flowers, drinks and party are over the only thing you would have left for years to come are your photos. Hire the best talent you can possibly afford. Cut back on the fancy albums; you can always buy that later. Don't cut back on the coverage time and don't try to do your own makeup unless you're a makeup artist. Tip:  You can place disposable digital cameras at your guest table and have them to capture candid moments.  You can then upload these images to your Free Wedding Website.