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kHem pHree
NATRA~LAXER the GREENest Choice to Safely and Organically alter the pH level of your hair without changing the chemical structure. Wear your hair straight without the use of harsh or toxic chemicals
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Hair Demand

“The hair is the richest ornament of women.”
Martin Luther King

30-Day Supply - $99.00
90-Day Supply Normal Retail $299.95

ON SALE NOW for $269.95 RETAIL

For Women:
Reduce the Appearance of and Gain Fuller Looking Hair in Weeks. This unique product for women takes into account the differences in hormonal imbalances between men and women.  It has been specially designed for women to reduce the appearance of and prevent the appearance of hair loss.

Hair Demanduses an innovative technology called Deep Penetrating Formula, DPF, with Capixyl™ to address the signs of while nourishing your hair into thicker-looking hair.

Hair Demand has been enhanced with ingredients to penetrate deep into the hair and create visibly healthy longer-looking hair.  It will maximize your results and help prevent your hair from the signs of , reduce inflammation of the scalp, which can prevent hair from growing.

Hair Demanduses a peptide to help firmly secure the hair to the scalp and reduce the appearance of hair loss.  It contains natural ingredients such as plant extract, red leaf clover extract, to help improve the scalp coverage with thicker-looking fullness.

Your hair will have a beautiful, thicker and luxurious appearance.

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