PINK CHIXXX by Shazz -     "PINK  is the New Chartreuse GREEN"
kHem pHreeTM

(A Green Alternative to the Brazilian Blow Out)
Designed, Formulated and Manufactured exclusively for SHAZZ

We've Made Glam GREEN and
Taken the Pain Out of Beauty!

Eco-Organic and Formaldehyde Free Keratin ALternative

Solution: The 1st ECO-ORGANIC  Hair Smoothing System.

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kHem pHree by NATRA~LAXA
NATRA~LAXER the GREENest Choice to Safely and Organically alter the pH level of your hair without changing the chemical structure. Wear your hair straight without the use of harsh or toxic chemicals

Eco-Organic and Formaldehyde Free. Safe on kids
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Everybody knows that you dont love yourself but you!


Eco-Organic and Formaldehyde Free. Safe on kids
Looks like a Relaxer, feels like a Relaxer, but it's kHemp pHree, a chemical free Smoothing System.  It's a natural solution to chemical pollution!

Eco-Organic and Formaldehyde Free. Safe on kids100% Safe,
100% Chemical Free
Curly one day, straight the next. You can wear your hair Curly or Straight and never have to worry about the humidity or frizzing.

What our clients are saying about NATRA-LAXA (TM)

When I heard of Natra-Laxa kHem-pHree by Shazz, I was very impressed by the concept and I was eager to try it. It’s been 2 years and eight months later with continued use and I know I could never go back to using ordinary relaxers. I’m very happy I did it and was overjoyed with the results. Not only did it give me the straight look of the relaxer but I could get my curly look back as well, when ever I needed it... Natra-Laxa did what any relaxer would do but with absolutely no side effects, no chemicals, no burning and my hair feels and looks great! What I also noticed was that, unlike a traditional relaxer where you can feel a distinct difference in your hair texture when the new-growth needs a retouch, (the hair is usually dry), but with Natra-Laxa kHem-pHree (TM) my new-growth texture is smoother and softer. This allows be to be able to go months rather than weeks in between services.
~Bernadette Edwards~

"Shazz @ PINK CHIXXX by Shazz is NO JOKE! My hair hasn't been so healthy and look so good in years! She has her own ECO-ORGANIC products - NATRA-LAXA-  that has taken my natural hair to another level! I can't wait to get out of this chair and drive with my sunroof open. Lol Come check her out! She's in my friend list. :0) (I like my color too, Shazzy)" 
~Aliethia Evans~

"I finally found a product that does not cause my hair to shed while wearing the straight look! It's been a month and I'm still quite pleased with it! I love my Natra-Laxa! Thanks Shazz! You're the best!"