PINK CHIXXX by Shazz -     "PINK  is the New Chartreuse GREEN"


We're Turning Glam GREEN and Taking the Pain Out of Beauty!

NATRA~LAXA Texture DePhiner
Eco-Organic Hair Softener and Enhancer. Makes the hair more pliable and flexuous. Helps to fight frizz, block humidity and resist reversion.
Price: $69.99
NATRA~LAXA Nutra Citrus C7 kHlenz
The healthiest pH Balanced, Antioxidant and Chlorine Neutralizer. Made from Natural Citrus and Pineapples.
Price: $15.99
Citric acids penetrate deep to reset the moisture levels and seal it with fruit acids. Use after shampoo or as a daily hair-dress.
Price: $22.99
NATRA~LAXA pHydra Smooth
A therapeutic product that seals in moisture and smooths cuticles during blow drying.
Price: $22.99
Provides needed moisture penetration. Protects the hair from thermal heat, adds light sheen and keeps hair manageable.
Price: $22.99
NATRA~LAXA pHure Glitz
This is a smooth glaze that lubricates the cuticles and seals in moisture. can be used on wet or dry hair
Price: $17.99
The 1st No LIE - No Lye! This Enzyme relaxer is fortified with Keratin and is 98% Chemical Free. Leaves more cuticle layer on the hair shaft. A permanent color can be applied immediately after relaxing without risking hair loss or breakage
(For professional Use Only)
Price: $29.99
A detoxifying enzyme that heals the scalp and hair. Immediately repairs damage ans stops breakage. Use immediately after all chemical services.
Price: $29.99