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There's been a lot of controversy about Stem Cells Technology.  After some research, I learned that there were major concerns in the harvesting of Fetal Brain Stem Cells.  That left me with some thoughts which are too graphic to print. 

Further research revealed that advanced technology focused on Adult Stem Cells . That made more sense to me.

Stem Cells Technology is not only going to change the medical world as we know it and literally give sick or impaired people a fighting chance to live a normal life. But it is also going to revolutionize cosmetic surgery as we know it.

Imagine looking younger with a non-surgical facelift.  Perky breasts, high and tight derriere without any implants... This technology is safe and low to no risk because You Can't Reject You!

This video reveals on of the ways in which this technology could be most beneficial.

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Suzanne Somers' Stem Cell Breast Reconstruction Surgery - Episode 1
Watch Suzanne Somers' amazing breast reconstruction surgery on Suzanne Somers Breaking Through - Episode 1. Find out how Suzanne used her own stem cells to regrow her breast after battling breast canc...


I've been in the beauty industry all my life, and professionally for almost 4 decades.  My clientele includes 4 generations. As my clients mature they all seem to have the same issues - They all want to look and feel younger and of course live a longer happier life.

There's no doubt that such desires require a lifestyle change. They are enrolling in gyms, changing their eating habits, coloring their hair, updating their hairstyles, makeup  and wardrobe and some of them have  even admitted to undergoing a lil' Nipping  'n' Tucking  and some Stitching 'n' Sucking.  There are those who insist on surrendering their outward aging process to nature and there are others who would love submit to some outside help, but may not be able to afford it, or they may have a fear of being cut.

I had the special opportunity to meet with the Dr. NATHAN NEWMAN, Innovator of the STEM CELL LIFT - a Cutting Edge Technology which requires no cutting.
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Dr Nathan Newman MD Stem Cell Face lift on Channel 7 KABC

Now you to can Look Your Best while living you Best Life!  Dr. Nathan Newton, the innovator of the STEM CELL FACE LIFT has designed and created an anti-aging skincare and nutrition line exclusively for Jeunesse Global.  Click here to learn more.