PINK CHIXXX by Shazz -     "PINK  is the New Chartreuse GREEN"
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STRANZZ by Shazz - Teaser
Strands to Strands Hair Extension Video

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL: "Thank you Shazz...I loooove my hair! You surpassed my expectations by a long shot! I truly appreciate your professionalism and phenomenal customer service. My hair is alive not dead & soul less like a braided sew-in weave. My hair moves and flows!

~Pascale Rowe, Fl~

PINK CHIXXX by Shazz is a GREENish Salon.  Our Hairologists agenda is the preservation of your natural hair at all times. We don't tell our clients to "Wash" their hair at home, bring their hair in a bag and we'll just "tie" or 'glue" it to their heads.  No!!! Our service begins with a full consultation and analysis of your hair.  We do this to determine the current state, texture and needs of your hair, your lifestyle and activities, the length of time you wish to wear the extensions and your budget.

We are not a "One-Size-Fits-All" type of salon.  We understand that every client's hair is unique in it's own way.  We also do not want to compromise the integrity of her (the client's) hair in any way. 

Shazz specializes in more than 20 safe, intricate and undetectable hair extension systems (most of which she has innovated and some that she has improvised). She also uses only the finest quality human hair. 

"We are haircare professionals first and foremost..." says Shazz. ".... So why would we demand that clients shampoo their hair at home before coming in to the salon?". 

At PINK CHIXX byShazz, not only are the clients hair shampooed and treated in preparation to be "Laid to Rest", but the commercial hair is also cleansed, treated and dried before being installed. 

Shazz continues... "Most consumers are not aware of the origin nor the process of the commercial hair.  they appear confused when we begin to shampoo the hair, but when we call them over to take a look at the water in the sink, they are astonished to see how dirty it actually is. That's is why so many women have skin and scalp disorders from wearing hair extensions.... Some may think our prices are a little higher, but we do things a whole lot differently and we charge for our knowledge and service.



STRANZZ - Partial                                                                                    $1800+
STRANZZ - Full Head                                                                              $4800+

Hair Weaving - Internet Foundation*                                                    $250+
Hair Weaving – Internet Foundation* (special with Select Stylists)              $175+
Lace Frontal Installation - additional*                                                   $ 25+

Weft-Locking Technique* (up to 8weeks)                                       $350+

Pinch Locking  Technique* (up to 12 weeks)                                  $450+


Partial Braided Technique - per row**                                                  $ 25
Partial No Braid Technique per row (up to 8 weeks)**                      $ 35
Partial No Braid Technique per row (up to 12 weeks)**                  $ 45

* Price Quote Includes Shampoo, Condition & Styling, but DOES NOT Include Hair, Relaxer or Color

** Price Quote DOES NOT Include Hair, Shampoo, Condition Relaxer or Color*


Shampoo / Tightening & Styling                                                               $ 75+
Hair Removal & Shampoo                                                                          $ 30+

Consultation required

Hot Fusions                                                                                         Cold Fusions

 Tape Extensions                                                                                    

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